Drop by drop!

It’s important to notice the small things in the most significant things, don’t you think?

There is this beautiful temple in Kasargod, Kerala that I often visit with my family. While we were having a look around, I noticed a dried leaf all crumbled up, and there was a small puddle of rain water. Is each drop collected drop by drop over time just to catch my eye?

I was amazed for a second how this tiny puddle was able to reflect this huge blue blanket with a wonderful pattern of nature. It looked beautiful, and I’m glad that I was able to show you guys how small things when looked at from a different perspective can mean more than what it actually looks like. Each moment with nature means something, it teaches something but only if you want to understand it.

Busy streets?

This picture gives me the ultimatum to life. This was taken in a shuttle from one of the most busiest streets in Bangalore and it is named after the king of the kingdom of Mysore, ‘Krishna Rajendra’.

There are a lot of memories connected with this place, for instance, my phone was snatched from the window in a moving shuttle. Just for the record, I borrowed someone’s phone and sent a message to my own phone asking the thief to return it back. What was I thinking? I have stood in the sun for hours waiting for a bus just to get back home and eat my food. Getting a seat in the bus was the highlight of my entire day; the best place to try your luck! I have been stared at and damned at for offering my seat to the lady who needs it the most and not the one who asked for it first. Let me tell you this, a moving bus on a hot sunny day makes you sleep like a baby; an awesome place for power naps. And obviously, there are days when I sit beside the window with the music on and think about life.

So one day, after a really tiring day at college I was on this bus and it had rained heavily. While the bus was taking a turn to leave the market, the view kind of brightened me up. I quickly clicked this picture and realized on a busy street like this, the only element that can tame mankind is nature. It was so empty, the bus, the streets; no noise but just the rain and the window seat.

Leave your things behind!

The best thing about break down is that it makes you stronger. It’s a beautiful process. To be able to feel sad and disappointed about something says that you poured in a lot of feelings and efforts into it. Don’t you think it makes you human?

It’s alright to be mad about life, it’s alright to be mad at someone and it’s alright to even be mad at yourself. But what matters is how stronger you come out of it. This picture is one of my favourite. Me and my friend were sitting in a park on a sunny afternoon. The grass smelt fresh and the tree’s shade made us want to lie down and stare at the sky. Suddenly, I saw this tree which had no leaves and the beautiful pattern that it made against the blue sky was just beyond words. The way life is in-line with nature is what makes me feel that everything is natural and is alright because, even this barren trees will flourish with the greenest of the green leaves and then it’ll be all worth it.

This post is also inspired by the song which is again one of my favourite from the movie ‘Garden State’.

‘Let go’ by Frou Frou

Be careful what you wish for!

Our college is built on a hill and we had to climb up and down just to get to the next building. Trekking was a part of our daily life and there’s this beautiful temple at the very top. It’s not big but there’s just something the way it stands at the top. Reminding ourselves of how ignorant we are towards admiring beautiful things.

This picture takes me back to the days when all that we did was eat, roam and laughed at eachother’s grades. This temple is very old and old things are very beautiful.

Those dreamy eyes!

This was my first picture that I dared to post on Instagram. I was hesitant about it because I wasn’t sure of how good my photos were but my friends encouraged me.
It’s really funny how I got this picture. Me and my friends usually hung out in a place called ‘eat and drink’ which was a few minutes away from college. We went there every day to eat bun samosa and magic lime which was our favorite and still is 🙂
While we were eating this boy came up to me asking for money. I told him that I wouldn’t give him any money rather I offered him some food and he said he’ll have a glass of watermelon juice. He sat down and I asked him to look up while I took this picture. I probably never saw him again but I can never forget him. I traded this photo for a glass of watermelon juice but it was totally worth it!

Share for it’s worth.

I have been watching a lot of movies lately and there’s this one movie which made me write this article. The movie is very intense and deep yet it’s the truth we are all afraid to hear.

The name of the first movie is ‘Into the Wild’, directed by Sean Penn; starring Emile Hirsch. Emile’s
acting was truly natural and his character is something beyond what I expected it to be. I loved how the director has screened the
movie into five parts, each part imparting so much insight. I’m really glad that I watched this movie
and you should too.

We all take the outcome of something in different ways and this is just how I have received it. We live in a society because we need people. We have pretty much figured out what’s right and wrong doings in the society and it’s like we have the basic rules that we need to follow. These norms are very much needed
for which it creates a peaceful atmosphere and a resourceful condition. As the civilization is evolving,
the more is expected of you by the society. When you deviate from the usual norms, you are criticized and
laughed at. You start doing things just to fit into the society. Other people’s life experiences start to create new boundaries in your life. You have no courage to take that step, that one step that liberates your soul. That one step which gives a purpose into your life. We are all running away from the truth. Once you accept this truth, there is no stopping. You crave more of this and you never want to go back to your old self because you find peace in solitude. What is the truth? The truth is that we need to be more accepting of things because I believe resistance always keeps you trapped. You are constantly disputing with yourself if you should be doing what you need to because you don’t want to be judged. Once you know your purpose and truth, you are finally at peace but something is really bothering you. You need love. You need care. You want to be acknowledged and appreciated just the way you are. You start getting restless. You find
no meaning now. You have no purpose anymore. Solitude can be peaceful for a while but we are all humans and we all need eachother. You have no one to share your love with. No one
to share your happiness with or your sorrows with. It’s the end.
Love is supposed to be simple. It’s supposed to make you feel good about yourself. ‘No expectations’
is just a myth, because after all we are humans. We need something back. We are always expected
of. Life has so much more to offer only when you try to seek for it. There is beauty in everything.
There is beauty in breakdown. What’s life when it’s not shared with people? People need each
other. We need each other. There is no life without love. We always need someone. Each one of us
is different. Each one of us look life in a different way. Each one of us understand the same thing in
different ways. We can accept that, can’t we? People might not think like you but it doesn’t mean
you are right and they are wrong. We just have to neutralize our thoughts and live in harmony.
That’s what people want. People need love. It’s important to be kind and also courageous. No one
can ever find happiness in solitude. If he says so then he hasn’t understood life. Think about how easy things can be when we are more accepting and also when others are accepting. We want to be seen, we want to be heard and we want to be given importance to but why are we scared when we want to talk about feelings or about what we actually want.

There is pleasure in the pathless woods;
There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more…
-Lord Byron.
I’ll be talking about the other movie in my next blog. Please do leave your feedbacks it helps me
improve my work. With love.

10:39 – 04/01/2021

Sometimes we all run short of words when our emotions are too intense. We have all heard people say ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and we wish we knew the reason sooner. I faced one such devastating episode yesterday. My beloved pet Busky passed away. I have this big lump in my throat because I have lost the most precious gift that I have ever received. I’m going to take y’all through his journey and also I have a few head ups so that you guys can take care of your pets because, better late than never.

I have written about pets in my other posts ‘The dumb therapist’ and ‘Busky’. In ‘Busky’ I have pretty much put in all my reasons why I love him so much. So the story of his demise starts like this. He met a friend named Pinky which is apparently a male cat. Busky and Pinky played together and enjoyed eachother’s company. Two weeks back I heard a sound in my room and I saw that Busky was vomitting. Trust me when I say but a cat owner knows how scary it is to watch cats vomit. He vomitted a couple of times after that and I took him to the veterinarian the next day. They gave him an injection and syrup named Rantac. He was under medication for a week and he seemed to be fine. Once the medication was stopped he started vomiting again and after a while we see wax with odour coming out of his ear, which eventually turned black. He seemed really off and stopped eating food. I took him to a different vet the next day and he told us that he has contradicted an infection from another cat. They cleaned up his ear, gave him an antibiotic injection and a ear drops but his condition began getting worse. He stopped eating food or drinking water completely. His intake was nil and he had continuous vomitting. His vomit looked like transparent mucus with froth. He continued giving him medicines but he looked weaker and weaker. In our next visit to the doctor, he said he’ll have to give IV fluids to Busky if his condition kept on getting worse. The next day we took him again and gave him IV fluids and his temperature was 96°C. The doctor said that we should keep him warm or his life would be in trouble. Every hour we pressed his sheets warm and wrapped him around. While all of this was happening, there were a lot of changes in his body. He drastically lost weight and his body was completely dehydrated. We forcefully gave him water and milk through dropper. He stopped responding to our calls and his eyes were fixed to one place and he never blinked or completely closed his eyes even when he wanted to sleep. Whenever he wanted water, he would with great difficulty go to the water bowl but he was unable to open his mouth. It seemed like his jaws were fixed and we also noticed that by then he had lost his hearing too. We gave him a few drops of electrolyte fluids every one hour with a hope that he would recover.

On 4th of January, at 10:39 I heard him screaming and that’s when I knew that, that was it. He took deep breaths and opened his mouth for the first time since the past week. He was in my arms when he took his last breath. I screamed his name, shook him so that he doesn’t lose his life but that was it. I lost my beloved Busky and I’m still unable to come out of it.

The whole point of telling y’all about this was to educate you about cat diseases. We take their health for granted and we always believe we have time. He was supposed to be vaccinated when he was 8 weeks old for Rabies and FIV. FIV is a very common disease in kittens and they spread very easily. The symptoms include as I have mentioned above and it was contradicted by another cat. It spreads only from cat to cat but it’s necessary that we wash our hands after handling our pets which is suffering from FIV. It’s very important to take your cats to the vet on the very first day at home and get it vaccinated to give it the ability to build a strong immune. Pinky eventually had a health breakdown and was attacked by street dogs and after three days of his death my Busky passed away. Please research before adopting a cat and never take their health for granted. Even after their death, respect them and bury them in an empty space instead of leaving them as it as. It’s just not about cats, it for all the animals.


I hated cats. The very thought of being a ‘Cat mom’ never really crossed my mind until my sister decided to bring one home. He was just a few weeks old when we first saw him. I always wanted a dog and everything about cats was new and confusing. We put him in a perforated closed-basket and we were on a motorcycle. He screamed the entire time and tried getting out of the basket on the way back home. I still remember, at the traffic signals people were peeping into our baskets to have a look at him. Once we brought him home, he was welcomed with Aarti and saffron like any Indian would. Towards the end of every ritualistic worship (pooja or bhajan) of the Lord or to welcome an honored guest or saint, we perform the aarati. He was so terrified and confused. He ran under the couch and kept on peeping and it took him an hour to come out from there. He started exploring, he sniffed around the entire house and all of us just sat there looking at him.

First day of Busky

Over the course of time, we learnt what he liked and didn’t like. Everything about him was fascinating and all of a sudden he became the centre of our world. My mother who hated animals treats him like her own baby now. From being scared to get out of the house till, wandering the neighborhood and coming back home, he means the world to us. He is the first thing we want to see when we come back home after a really long day. He is now the most important member of our family and we can’t get enough of him. From meowing in the kitchen for food till chasing us while being playful, he is everything we want. From slowing walking into our laps to sleep and till attacking all the big cats in our neighborhood, he is something we never want to lose. He has taught me how innocence and silence can create so much impact on how much we can love something. He has showed me what pure love is and that’s how I now call myself a cat lover.

We named him Biscoooot because of the colour of his fur but now we call him Busky and he responds to the latter. He jumps and chases when his name is called.

To all the animal lovers ❤